Keuco are a premium level bathroom manufacturer, producing superior quality bathroom products since 1953. Their style is chic and timeless thanks to their outstanding product design, but also the lasting build quality and high calibre of the finest materials they use in their production. The Keuco factory is fully modernised with both precision robotics for complete accuracy but also the skilled experience craftsmen and women that hand polish and inspect every piece of brassware for a true premium product. Keuco cabinets are some of the finest on the market, being one of the first to add a built in radio to their cabinets they are constantly innovating and pushing forward with their product development, winning design awards along the way. Some of their cabinets can even be recessed into the wall, adding to a modern sleek bathroom layout, and bespoke options mean no matter the bespoke and individual nature of your renovation there is a Keuco cabinet to suit your needs. That’s not the extent of Keuco’s bespoke product options, their brassware is also obtainable in a range of fashion forward tones such as rose gold and black taps.

The award winning company is still a family run business, with a fresh and enthusiastic attitude Keuco remain at the forefront of bathroom interior design. Their collections include bathroom accessories, cabinets, furniture and washbasins and so much more. Their furniture is particularly stunning and elegant, for example one of their stunning glass fronted Keuco Plan vanity units in a soft truffle colour would look absolutely beautiful alongside matching brassware and would elevate any bathroom interior, remaining timeless for years of tasteful design statement style. Keuco accessories are well built and innovative, particularly the award winning Keuco iLook Move mirror which features adjustable illumination that is perfect for makeup application and personal grooming. Keuco also produce a lovely range of shower kits, IXMO. These are contemporary and fresh, with modern shapes and the latest thermostatic technology for a refreshing shower. Specifying Keuco products in your new bathroom design is an investment in high quality products that will stand the test of time, right down to their bathroom accessories such as the Keuco Moll range which has a lovely heavyweight feeling of quality thanks to its solid brass construction. Keuco have won multiple design awards for their innovative product design, including Red Dot, Design Plus and the ‘iF’ Design awards to name just a few. Keuco’s products are modern with fresh aesthetics, but they are also practical and meet the needs of the user, less abled and older customers can enjoy beautiful looking bathrooms that also perform a variety of functions aiding lifestyles as we get older or have specific needs. To achieve this Keuco developed Plan Integral and Plan Care for quality of life in the bathroom. These ranges have a chic modern pallet with chrome fittings and modern crisp greys and tactile, quality materials, proving that a more functional bathroom catered for less abled and older consumers don’t have to look drab and hospital like!