hansgrohe (with a small h) are one of the market leaders in bathroom brassware today. With a fantastic family heritage of product engineering and metal production they can draw on over 100 years of experience in bathroom production, making some of the best showers and taps on the market today. The company was founded by Mr Hans Grohe himself, in 1901 in the black forest region of Germany. He developed many of the early production techniques himself, including early brass pressing procedures to create rain shower heads. This spirit of innovation and originality kept going, in fact the shower rail set as we know it was invented by hansgrohe! Hans concentrated on producing showers and his son Friedrich Grohe left hansgrohe and set up his own company: Grohe who focused more on fittings. While the 2 companies have a shared history, they are completely separate entities. The 1960’s & 1970’s saw hansgrohe collaborate with a number of high profile designers developing their brand: AXOR. AXOR is a collection of design led luxury shower fittings and brassware designed by the likes of design giants Philippe Starck, Phoenix design and Patricia Urquiola. hansgrohe continued to develop their collections, they are constantly innovating and updating their products ensuring the best possible user experience for example the launch of hansgrohe powder rain. The standard rain setting on hansgrohe handsets is enjoyable and is infused with air thanks to their special rain shower rain-air technology, but hansgrohe have managed to take this to the next level.

Thanks to an additional set of holes in each individual nozzle the spray is divided out even further into an even softer plumper spray. This soft and indulgent spray type is in fact much quieter when it hits the shower tray or bath, creating less noise for a more comfortable shower that is more soothing for the user and doesn’t create extra noise in the bathroom. The other advantage of this lovely spray type is the reduced splattering of water, meaning less water mark splashes on your shower enclosure door so your shower keeps clean and clear for longer! This shows how hansgrohe are always considering the quality of the user experience and the actual practical day to day use of their showers and taps, making hansgrohe a wonderful choice for any bathroom as the user is guaranteed years of enjoyable use form a reliable product. Today the company is a global leading name in bathrooms and has won a wide range of product design awards such as iF Product Design Awards, several RedDot design and product design awards and many more! It doesn’t end at bathrooms either, hansgrohe have a stunning range of kitchen taps, in fact they invented kitchen mixers with a pull out hose! They hold the patent for this and make some of the best kitchen mixers out there in the market today, in steel or chrome and other finishes, not only in domestic homes but also in professional kitchens where only the best will do.